About us

BERNY Watches about us
For over 20 years, BERNY Watches has been committed to producing awesome, high-quality watches for seriously affordable prices.

Founded in 1995, BERNY is guided by a simple principle: create watches we'd want to wear. Our aesthetic runs to simpler classic designs, but we're forever on the look out for new trends and looks and always interested in getting input from you, our customer.

Radiohead's album The Bends was released the month BERNY was founded.

Like any business, we started small, experimenting with styles, working with wholesalers to get our watches into stores. Over time, we've grown. Most watch brands just slap a logo on a generic watch someone else makes for them in a far-off land they've never visited. We assemble all our own timepieces. Heck, we even manufacture watches for competing brands you love.

Though we've sold online since the early days of the internet, we relaunched our online store, BERNYWatches.com, in August 2017. Our move to online-only (or, mostly) sales gives the growing number of BERNY watch fans a place to get stylish watches at unbelievable prices.

Most watches are marked up 8x-10x production costs. Ours aren't.

Usually when you buy a watch, you pay a mark-up to the brand-maker, the buyer, the wholesaler, and the retailer. We contract directly with Swiss and Japanese movement makers and own our own assembly plant (it's situated on a picturesque lake near Hong Kong). By selling the watches directly on BERNYWatches.com, we cut out all the middlemen out of traditional watch distribution to deliver the lowest possible prices on the world’s most stylish timepieces.

It’s as simple as that.

BERNY WatchesWhich brings us to you – our customer. You represent the most savvy internet shopper. Your clicks and searches brought you here to BERNYWatches.com because you appreciate style, and you know our prices can’t be beat. Thanks for giving us the chance to serve you and save you money (while we make you look awesome).

At BERNY Watches, we’re proud to do business with the world – we have offices in China, Dubai, and Hong Kong and our customers and suppliers come from all over the globe. YWe are fueled and funded by our commitment to provide exceptional quality and value to our customers. We don’t think that makes us old-fashioned – just honest, authentic, and on top of our game.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our story. We look forward to writing the next chapter, with you by our side.